L. Michelle Santucci - PhD, RN, BC, APN
1014 North High Street
Millville, NJ 08332
Phone: (856) 690-0627


Dr. Santucci aims to find where your health has become unbalanced with a client-centered approach and seeks to enhance your life through health education and integrative medicine that is specifically designed to improve your mind, body, and quality of life. She will spend time with you, listen to your history, and search/examine the intermeshing of your genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors that are influencing the way you feel.

She specializes in Adult Health, and efficiently focuses her practice on Integrative medicine (Traditional medicine infused with Complementary & Alternative medicine), Holistic nutrition (Food, essential vitamin, mineral, and herbal recommendations as therapy to restore, balance, and maintain general health and well-being), Weight management, BioIdentical hormone replacement therapy (Plant-based estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone), and Anti-aging skin care.

Dr. Santucci will expect you to play an active and effective role in your wellness care; she will empower you with valuable education to help you make your best key health decisions because she believes that the choices you make today affect your long-term quality of life. Dr. Santucci is committed to fully informing you about risks and benefits of any treatment decisions you make that are particularly pertinent to your health concerns. She is devoted to timeliness, and will provide you with an outstanding experience, extraordinary care, and the latest therapeutic advancements that have an emphasis on pro-active health promotion and disease prevention.

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L. Michelle Santucci - PhD, RN, BC, APN
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